Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Hi, ever wondered what freemasons are the well-connected body that gives to charities like the RNLI

and NHS Benevolent funding. They have a tight brotherhood you have to be heterosexual with a female partner who agrees with the rules of freemasons and has a religion like Catholic or Church of England. There is also a lot of untrue facts about freemasons on youtube, the only one which is authentic is the youtube content done by rick Wakeman.

As I have been a member for a great number of years of the oldest lodge London Metropolitan masonic Lodge which dates back to the 1800 Knights of the realm, there are indefinite numbers of different lodges around the world to suit everybody's interests. I would urge you to join be a brotherhood once you have passed as a full mason, you do run into difficult situations, Death in your family or a financial needs masons have grants available.

I hope this will open your minds to freemasons here is the web address