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Hi, all working in COVID 19 brings new skills and understanding all the new rules the government has come out with also dealing with there not very help full cabinet ministers, who have obstacles at every fence so you don't get any financial help only for those businesses that are multinational.

It s about time we all had a large strike like in 1926 where the whole of UK marched from Scotland down to Westminister perhaps that would make Boris johnson listen and give payment grants out to one-man-band businesses. I have found it very hard due to my partners google Adwords who are being difficult at giving help to regular customers, perhaps they should give me and my colleagues free advertising to aid recovery of my business and everybody else in all the other sectors in business.

Presently started advertising again the only country seems to have an interest in India, I have regular visits from their general public on my websites, I am just waiting for the authorities to get the UK back to normal working so I can start making some decent money as in the past years in business.

I hope all my followers are well and wish everybody good health


Simon Price



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